My Music has gone away!!!!

I have rebooted my computer since the day before yesterday. My Computer had often suddenly stopped and I hadn’t been able to control anything with keyboard or mouse at all. I thought the cause of this problem was a driver of a sound card fit up with the inside of my computer a few month ago, but I couldn’t restore it without reinstalling the OS.

But when I installed various softwares I have often used, a trouble happened… When I installed iTunes on my computer, I had a mistake and I erased all of datum of music! I have registered a lot of  music since I began to listen to music with computer…Classical music, Pop, Rock, Instrumental and so on. All of them has gone far away from me in a moment. I didn’t understand what happened at first, and after I recognized what I did I was disgusted by my own stupidness.

To speak ill of myself made nothing good for me, so that I stopped thinking about my mistake and started to register music from CD I have already purchased before and I still possess on my computer once more. But this work brings me several unexpected discoveries; For example, I listen to music I’ve already registered on my computer with doing this work, at that time I realize a piece of music I listen to has beautiful melodies I haven’t noticed before.

By the way, before rebooting my computer, I have finished to draw a picture with IllustStudio, which is a software to be produced to help people to draw pictures on computer easily. The link to the page where this picture is shown is  below;

I like IllustStudio because it has many means to help to draw pictures. And furthermore, this software hasn’t ever stopped working. (When I used Painter6, it sometimes stopped suddenly and made an error. Of course the data was erased forcedly!) I think that it is superior as a software for drawing.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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