Pullman Bread, to make sandwich!

Recently when I go to work I bring a sandwich every day. Sandwich has some advantages to me; First, It doesn’t take so long to make sandwich. Second, It can include many fillings, for example, egg, mayonnaise, various vegetables, cheese, spreads, jams and so on. Third, and it is very important for me, it isn’t too much to eat as lunch for me. This workplace often requires workers to begin to work again as soon as possible after having lunch. Eating too much makes me very tired and sleepy to work, so that sandwich is very suitable for me as lunch at my workplace.

To make sandwich, I baked a loaf of pullman bread last week. It contains not only wheat flour, but also whole wheat flour. So that it tastes and smells sweetly a little. I think that this bread is one of the most suitable breads to make sandwich. I like also a kind of sandwich, which is called Casse-croûte in Japan and made with French traditional bread, for example, with a stick of baguette or with a slice of pain de campagne. But ii has a problem… It is how to bring it to my workplace! The shape of sandwich made with a stick of baguette isn’t suitable for being brought in bags…. ON the other hand, sandwich made with a couple of sliced pieces of pullman bread is very suitable for being brought. Its shape is square so that it is easy to bring in plastic bags!

This is the picture of the bread I baked.

Kastenbrot for sandwich

If I have to time to blog recipe to make it, I take up this bread again.

Thank you for your visit today.

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