Websites edited by students with a handy phone

I found many websites which were edited by high school students I teach with their hand phones a few days ago. There are many services which provide customers a way to make a website with a handy phone easily in Japan, and there websites were also made with one of those.

I have taught how to use computers about for two and a half of years. I’ve taught students not only the way to control a computer, but also many manners and etiquettes which we should observe whenever we use it. And as a matter of course, I’ve taught them it isn’t good to upload their and their friends’ photos and information about them on the net easily because there are many people and parts of them may think to do something wrong with these photos and information. To avoid being disclosed these information which may be used to specify individuals, it is very important to be on their guards to themselves when they use computers, especially the net.

But it may be meaningless for them to be taught such a thing. They upload their own and their friends’ many photos without any editing to hide their personal information. And furthermore, they spoke ill of their teachers with writing their real names. Have the students ever thought that they could have been sued for libel by them? Even if the students insist on the rightness of contents they’ve written, it is not important at all. And I think it is very significant that they misunderstand something about the net. They seems to think that their websites are seen by their fellows and companions only. It is absolutely wrong. In fact, Though I’m not their friends, I could find the websites and could also see them easily.

To upload informations on the Net should be done as carefully as possible. After uploading them, it is sure that they are copied and pasted somewhere without any notice and warning to those who uploaded the originals. And at the mention of the problems which can happen, these information can be used to do something wrong and even if the uploader can be damaged by it, no one will help them because these results are brought them by actions they did. The responsibility about the results belongs to themselves.

I think that I’ve already taught them significance to use the net carefully in classes, therefore it doesn’t matter to me whether they think about it or not. But as one of those who are worried about them, it is stupid of them to do things I blogged this time easily, I think.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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