I baked two kinds of bread to students…

I baked two kinds of bread to students last weekend. They belong to the soccer club of the high school where I work. I had to take them to games performed by the local soccer association of Fukuoka Prefecture. If they had won these games, they could participate in the upper tournament. But they couldn’t win all the games which they participated in. They have still two games next week. But I’m sorry but I think it is very difficult for them to win these battles because of their capability.

By the way, Last week I thought that I baked an enough amount of bread to give them and I brought them.This time I baked two kinds of bread; One was one of Japanese original bread, named “An-Pan”. And the other was buns contained a filling made from sweet potato.The number of students belonging to the club is about 40, so that I had to knead dough two times. After all, To bake buns took about 8 hours. When to bake them was finished, I felt very very tired.

Japanese An Pan

Sweet potato buns
Fortunately, they were very pleased and wanted to eat as much as possible. I felt also very glad and at the same time I felt the students were very simple XP. But it may be fortune and happy to feel glad with eating something, I think.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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