In a mutter…

I teach students how to use computers comfortably at school presently. I like by no means this job because it brings me many stresses and strains. But I think that I must do what my work requires politely and I have done it as polite as possible since I started to work here.

To be able to use computers is one of the most important skills at present, I think. If someone doesn’t know the way to use “Microsoft Word” and “Microsoft Excel”, he/she will be regarded as one who can’t work efficiently. Touching any keys on the keyboard is very significant to use computers to write something with them. If someone doesn’t know how to surf  on the Internet, he/she is perhaps able not to find any information about various things, even if he/she has a computer which he/she can use immediately whenever he/she wants it.

Therefore I have thought it is very important that students know how to use computers. They don’t have to use it with fluency, but they should know the basis of using computers. So that I evaluated their skills strictly every term.

But I was indicated something about my evaluation of students by a teacher. He said, “Your evaluation seems very strictly, I think. Many classes of teaching about making something, for example, cooking dishes, having a group discussion in English, gives students higher score than what they can get in fact because they have to hold their scores of every class as high as they can to get the recommendation of the high school principal to the college or the university. To get high score in classes of Japanese, mathematics or other subjects which are regarded as “main subjects” is very difficult, so that instead of these subjects,  subjects which are like you have taught should give them high score as much as possible.”

I want to insist strictly that the thought is wrong. I think such a thought is very impolite to students because it means that the teacher thinks that because they can’t get high score teachers have to evaluate them more highly. I think directly oppositely to it. To evaluate fairly is needed as the matter of courtesy to the students. Furthermore, I want to answer correctly when they want to know the reason of their own evaluations. I want by no means to lie to them.

To evaluate someone is very difficult to me, but I want to do it as polite and correct as I can.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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