Miscellaneous things I’ve done…

I haven’t blogged since a few days ago because I’ve had no time to do it. But I have done a lot of things in this term.

I baked breads several times last week. The kinds of bread I baked are as follows; English toast bread, Pain de campagne, Cream buns and Walnuts buns and so on. But I’m very sorry but I didn’t take pictures of them so that I couldn’t introduce some kinds of them with pictures.

This Pain de campagne contains whole wheat flour as one of ingredients.  Of course it also contains rye flour and usual wheat flour. The way to bake is not different from one which contains only rye and wheat flour.
English bread, it is called “Toastbrot” in German, is one of my favorite bread. I like to eat it after toasting it for minutes in oven. I hadn’t baked it for several months, but I baked it last Saturday. But I forgot to take pictures of it XP!
Cream buns were baked as before.  But custard cream filled in buns made from usual ingredients, and in addition, some of cointreau. Walnuts buns were also baked as usual and they were very delicious!

By the way, I had to see a doctor and to be subscribed medicines last Friday. Presently I am subscribed a medicine named Sepazon which keeps my mental condition calmly. When I don’t have this medicine, I become very anxious about the case that I am suddenly worry about everything and I become to be able to do nothing. Living with continuing taking medicines is by no means the best way to live I think. But it must be better than I can’t do nothing for the reason of lack of medicine.
After seeing a doctor and purchasing medicine, I went to Yodobashi Camera located next to the Hakata Station. This store is a large building which contains a lot of stores; At first Yodobashi Camera which sells many kinds of electrical appearances, in addition, bookstore, watch store,  restaurants, and so on.
I have wanted to buy a tool which is used with computer. It means a new pen tablet! I have used an old one for many years, but it has gotten too old to use comfortably. So that I wanted to get a new one; But it wan’t by no means cheap. I considered whether I should bought it or not about for 40 minutes. And then, at last I made up my mind to purchase it! Because I have wanted, wanted a new one! I’ve used an old one for many years. As a result, It cost more than ten thousand yen and it was definitely cheap, but I was very satisfied with my decision.

Furthermore I got a new software to draw picture which is named “IllustStudio”.  This software makes it enable to draw pictures much more comfortably than before. A new hardware and a new software, they have satisfied me very much.

I drew a picture as trial and training with these tools; I uploaded it on the website “Pixiv”. If you see it, click the URL written below.


I want to try to draw many pictures with them XD!

Thank you for your visit here today.

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