Hymne à l’amour

Do you know a French song named “Hymne à l’amour” ? It was originally sung by Édith Piaf ,who is one of the most famous and popular singers of France.
In Japan, many singers have sung the song for many years, and among them, I like a version sung by Akihiro Miwa the best among them. I like his voice and the way to sing, but I like also the lyric translated from French to Japanese by him. He has had a opinion that a translated lyric which has been popular in Japan contains many mistakes in its own. He thinks it is a significant matter because these mistakes can’t express the feeling, the emotion and the thought of its original singer and its composer.  So that he translated the lyric to Japanese by himself, and whenever he sings the song, At first he talks the contents of it in Japanese like telling a story with harmonizing with the melody, and then he sings the song in French.

The lyric translated by him in Japanese can be translated in English as follows;

Even if the blue sky existing above us falls on us, Even if the earth cracks,
Even if the accidents which are very significant to the world happen,
They are all for nothing to us before your love;
Whenever I wake up every morning,  my body is wrapped in your love under your warm hands.
I can be satisfied with only it;

If you wish it, I’m willing to dye my blond hair,
If you wish it, I’m willing to try to steal what you want, even if the moon,
If you wish it, I’m willing to betray my darling friends and my fatherland,
If you wish it, It is for nothing to me to be laughed at by everybody,
I will do what you want, even if it means disgraceful behavior.

And then, even if the time when the death takes you far away from me comes,
It is also nothing to me; Because I will also die without fail some day.
After our death, we will make sure of our eternal love with joining hands each other
in the blue sky which contains no troubles.
I’m sure that the God will give us the grace eternally.

Whenever I go to my workplace and I have time to listen to it, I’m encouraged by his voice, and its lyric.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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