Performing as a fascinating actor!

The day before yesterday I took a part in the party planned at my workplace. This party has been planned once every year, perhaps since the workplace, that means the high school, was established. The place of the party was a hotel located near Hakata station, in Hakata ward, Fukuoka city. The place hasn’t been changed for some years because this hotel has a high-quality restaurant and it has been very popular among those who work at my workplace.

I had a job at the party. I (and another one) had to act as toastmasters at a raffle performed as an entertainment. Last year I also had to do this job, so that I thought by myself that I wouldn’t have had to do that this year; but it was wrong. The chef planner of the party, he is also one of teachers, order me to act as a toastmaster, which could be perhaps translated to “a crown”.

I wanted to avoid doing the work because I thought that I would be regarded as a pierrot by participants and I didn’t wish it. Furthermore, I was (am) not a regular member of teachers. “Though I’m just a contract employee, why must I do such a stupid and silly job?” I thought. But I couldn’t ask someone to do this job instead of me. And I thought “I don’t want to be laughed at, so I will make them laugh! “.
At first, before going to the place where the party was placed I went back home and took a shower. I changed clothes which were my favorites and which I thought smart. I also changed the form of my hairdressing. The shoes were also changed. I took one of my hut which is the most favorite of all in my bag. And I left my house to the party.

Beginning the party, I drank some glasses of white wine to get drunk as soon as possible. Without drinking, I couldn’t have done such a job. At last I had to begin the raffle-party. I went in front of all tables which people were sitting and I took a microphone. When I made the party proceeded, I walked among people without any pause, I gestured with both hands with my speech, and I spoke in a way which was different from one of speaking usually. I remembered hearing people laugh, but I couldn’t listen to anyone. After the small entertainment, I was praised by some people. They said that they could get pleasure, my skill of a toastmaster was brilliant and I was very pretty and fascinating. Hearing their evaluation, I thought I won the “game”.

Perhaps, no, I make sure that this is the last opportunity to work as a toastmaster at the party. I’m very satisfied that I could act like an actor who fascinated people. The impression of me at my workplace must be “silent, honest and going back home early XP “, so that through this “showtime” it perhaps has to be changed. It is very interesting to me.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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