Falling leaves, turning red and yellow…

I didn’t blog for a few days because I had nothing to do it and had also nothing that should be blogged.  Today I’ll blog some things which I did and I experienced and so on.

Last week I went hiking to watch leaves turning red and yellow with my girlfriend. The leaves noticed us that this autumn will come to end before long and the last season of every year, winter will come soon. It is impossible for me to describe the beauty of leaves, scenes and views so that I show here some pictures about it.

Turning leaves.

Turning leaves.

Turning leaves.

Turning leaves.

We went to a temple located in a city which was at the distance which took us about 1 and a half of hour from my house to reach there by car. The temple is in a mountainside, therefore we had to go up along the long stairs for a while. That made us very tired, but the wonderful and brilliant scenes of the temples made us happy soon.
Sometimes people ask about the difference between temples and shrines.  Both of them are located everywhere in Japan, but even Japanese sometimes don’t know about the difference of them. The former is the building which belongs to Buddhism and the latter is about Shintoism, which is one of Japanese unique religious faiths. Shintoism is one of religions belonging to animism. It regards that souls (or ghosts, / oder “Seele” und “Geist” auf Deutsch) exist in everything around the world; Stones, Trees, Rivers, Old buildings and other things have their own souls, it thinks. So that I think it is wrong that to use the same word “Kami” in Japanese for the translation of Christian “God” and its souls. These existence are different each other entirely.

By the way, I have finished to draw a picture.

Please imagine the situation of these two people, a boy injured by something and a girl held in boys’ arms, and this world from this picture.


Thank you for your visit here today.

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