Getting down in the dumps…

It is the previous day of the second term-end examination today. In classes of the previous day o the first one, I taught students the contents of classes as usual so that I didn’t give them any time to study for the exam, but this time I give the time of every class to students to study for it. I don’t know whether they can use this time effectively or not. It is out of my business and I have no responsibility for their attitude and action at this time.

Yesterday it was holiday as “Labor Thanksgiving Day”. I went to a temple to see the leaves turning red with my girlfriend. The temple is placed at a mountainside so that  the landscape seen from there was  very beautiful. And the beauty of leaves turning red, yellow and other colors was so wonderful that I could by no means describe it. Even falling leaves tasted the view more beautiful. I felt that the end of autumn this year was getting close to us and the last season, winter, will come to us soon.

By the way, I’ve caught a cold since last Sunday; I have a sore throat and sometimes feel to have a fever. The reason to have caught a cold is unclear. Now I want to go back home immediately and have time to rest, but of course it is impossible so I stand this situation about myself. The view from my workplace is very fine. It is sunny today, but it is also so cold that I can’t go outside without wearing any coats.

Hmmm…. I want to go back home as soon as I can!

Thank you for your visit here today.

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