Baking with sour dough

Do you know that some kinds of rye bread which contain rye flour more than 30% of the amount of flour used to bake must be baked with sour dough? In the case they are baked without it, they won’t become larger and their taste will be worst of all which you’ve ever eaten. The reason is that rye flour contains pentosan, which isn’t contained in wheat flour, and it can absorb a large amount of water. This water influences badly to bake bread. After all, baking these rye breads without sour dough isn’t recommended.

So I made sour dough to bake these breads this time. I’ve wanted to eat kinds of bread sold generally in German. Weizenmischbrot, Berliner Landbrot, Pumpernickel and so on. Pumpernickel is very difficult to bake with facilities existing in my house, but Wezenmischbrot or other German rye breads(Roggenbrot) can be baked with them.

I referred to a website made by a woman living in Swiss as a baker. This website is very kind to those who want to bake German bread at home. Furthermore it is written in Japanese so that I can read it very easily.
If you want to visit the website, click the URL.

And this is the picture of bread containing a large amount of rye flour(About 30%). To be compared with other kinds of rye bread, this bread contains small amount of rye flour, so that it is easy for those who have never eaten these kinds of bread to eat.


I’ll blog how to bake this bread when I have time to do it.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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