I could do many things yesterday!

Yesterday I did a lot of things which I have thought to have to do before.
At first, I baked a kind of rye bread with sour dough(Sauerteig). Sour dough is made from rye flour, water and Yogurt. To make it available for use we must take care of it for a few days at least. With this sour dough I baked “Berliner Landbrot” yesterday, but it wan’t not so good. Perhaps the cause of this failure consists in the shortage of my skill to bake it and its own immaturity. I want to try various kinds of bread which needs sour dough to bake more.
Furthermore, I baked some kind of bread which I’ve already baked every weekends before. They are “Hardroll”, “Round buns” made from dough containing much of sugar, “Cream buns”made from the same one of “Round buns” and “Walnuts buns” containing “Kokuto”, which may be able to be translated “Black sugar” in English. This is the picture of these buns.

Various breads.

Various breads.

Moreover, I washed and waxed my car yesterday afternoon. I did these about 7 or 8 months ago, but I’ve never washed or waxed it since then. Yesterday I went shopping to a supermarket located near my house by car, at that time I saw my car which was colored whitely by dust. At that moment, I decided to clean my car. It took about more than 1 hour and I became tired, but my car got back the brightness of its body and its own original color.
My car is “FIT” produced by HONDA(It is called “JAZZ” in Europe and in U.S.). It is very useful and it needs less fuel to be driven than any other car in Japan. It is by no means a kind of cars which are regarded as luxury cars, but it is indispensable for me to live every day.

I finished to draw a picture yesterday. I drew a couple who seems to belong to the same high or junior high school. I have already written about my high school days before, you know, I’ve never experienced such a situation. But perhaps there are those who experienced various things which are similar to it.

I updated the picture on “Pixiv”, If you want to watch it, click the address.

It is quarter before three in the morning. I woke up at 2:00 a.m. today. It is too early to wake up, but after waking up I couldn’t sleep any longer again so I switched my computer on and I’m blogging now.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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