I can’t still go back home…..

It is very cold today. Since a few week ago, it has been already cold.  I like to spend time in winter very much, but I don’t like to stay at everywhere which is cold. I’m very weak in coldness. If I must stay in outside which is very cold for a hour, I’ll ask someone to call an ambulance.

My workplace is especially cold because the building of school where I work is made of reinforced-concrete. After all, It is very hot in summer and it is very cold in winter. Fortunately, the room which I work at is located in the south of the building. Therefore it is kept warmer by the sunlight than any other room at school. And furthermore, the heat from working computer makes it more warmer.

I stay at a classroom where some students are studying now. I’m here as a proctor. We can usually become to come back home or leave here at 5:10 p.m., but today I must stay herein order to work by 6:30 p.m. But I can’t earn from the work. It is like one of volunteers for me. Frankly speaking, I want to go back home immediately, but I can’t…. I think it is very important of things which are called “work” or “job” to pay those who work salary as well as the amount of their work. Not to pay salary or pay less than their work will cause their complainment and decrease of their intension to work.

It’s getting dark outside. It remembers us that the last season of the year will come soon. It will be winter before long. it is the season that has the most beautiful sky and air, and all things seem to show us their real forms and outlines. I like the sunset of winter. The beauty of the sky early morning in winter may not be able to described with any words.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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