Memories of “youth”

Do you know a machine which anyone can take a their snapshot with? It’s named “Print Club” and it is very popular in Japan. Many students(at high school, junior high school and even elementary school) like to take snapshots of themselves. They take it with their friend and their girl/boy friend. It is one of the reason that they enjoy it easily that it costs low, and furthermore, those who take their photo can add various effects  and draw pictures or write characters on it.
Yesterday I saw some sheets of snapshots in a pencil box of a schoolboy.There were two persons on the photo. One was the schoolboy, and another was a schoolgirl who belonged to the same class of his. There were only two. I thought that they might go steady each other and I felt it was a part of  “youth”. I think it is fortunate for students that they have such an experience. I had no experience like that. My high school days wasn’t so fun.

Today I upload a picture. It may be said that it shouldn’t be shown those who are under 18 years old. I say it definitely at first. But it is a fact that I drew it hard with thinking about various things seriously… “What is the “youth”? It is often said that it is stupid, funny and silly. Those who are in their own youth often take foolish actions, and they think about things too much that they often can’t decide to do something next. You know, they are by no means cleaver.
But on the other hand, I think that they can feel what we, who have already grown up and had various acknowledges and had many experiences, can’t feel any longer. For example, When we and they read a same novels. Perhaps we understand the contents better than they. But we aren’t perhaps able to “feel” what they feel with their thoughtless but fresh heart.
“Youth” is mysterious, but It is sure that we can’t experience this season any longer like they are living in it now…

Erste Erfahrung(Thumb)

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