Baking & Recipes : Rusk

I could have a time to bake breads last weekend. But, I have to confess at first that I mistook to bake pain traditionnel and Pain de Campagne. I have baked both of them many times, but last Saturday my trial to bake them was failed; I still don’t know why these baking were unsuccessful, but It might be caused by my tiredness, think. I was too tired to want to do anything else. I know that I have already blogged about my tiredness many times, and some of those who read this blog may think that I exaggerate the situation that I face.  It may be true or It may be false, It isn’t the kind of matter I can show an answer… Because this is the matter of myself; I don’t stand the place to make any judgement.

By the way, I made rusk with the pain traditionnel which was baked unsuccessfully. But the taste of it was very good! So that I introduce how to make the rusk, especially to make spread used when we make it.


Butter: 100g
Sugar: 100g
Wheat flour(Suitable for baking cakes): 20g
Egg yolk: 5g
Rum: a pitch

<How to make>
1. Leave butter till it becomes tender enough to be able to be mixed with other ingredients.
2. Mix butter at first, and mix every time whenever another ingredient is added.
(Add ingredients as follow; Sugar, Wheat flour, Egg yolk and Rum)
3. Slice bread five centimeters in thickness of every piece.
4.  Spread cream we made on the surface of every piece of sliced bread.
5. Preheat oven at 150 degrees Celsius.
6. Bake every pieces on oven at 150 degrees Celsius about for 15~2o minutes.

To eat it at afternoon tea makes us very happy. Let’s try it once!

Thank you for your visit here today.

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