Do you know “Dschinghis Khan / Genghis Khan”?

Do you know a West German pop band “Dschinghis Khan”? In English, Their band name is written as “Genghis Khan”. I learnt German when I’m an university student and I still sometimes read books written in German or listen to German by iPod; They sings songs in German mainly, and the lyrics of their songs contain many kinds of massages and thoghts, I think.
In Japan, They known to a pop band singing a song  “Dschinghis Khan(Genghis Khan)”. The melodies and rhythms had an large impression to Japanese people, and It became very popular as a “Disco music” in Japan about  30 years ago. Many Japanese don’t understand German, so that they(we) perhaps felt their melodies and rhythms funny. In fact, some Japanese pop band or singer group have made parodies of their songs, especially of “Dschinghis Khan”. About 1 or 2 years ago a comedian called “Imoaraizaka” also made a parody named “Jinji-ka” from “Dschinghis Khan”. The lyrics of the song is far away from the original one and I remembered feeling it very funny.
But in their songs and messages contained in their songs, large part of them are very serious and thoughtful. For example, a song named Machu Picchu expresses the history of invasion to Peru by Spain, its cruelness and the reason why Machu Picchu was built. The melody and lyric are both very serious.
They were very popular about 30 years ago, but many young people of Japan don’t know even their name, still more their songs presently. BUT, in Japan, fortunately, we can listen to their music at low cost. Their best CD is sold by Victor and its price is only 1,000 yen!

Gschinghis Khan Super Best CD

Click the image to website which sells the CD online.

This is one of series “SUPER BEST CD” sold by TSUTAYA. Their quality are very high but their price is not so expensive. I think that it is very happy and fortunate that we can enjoy listening to such a music holding high quality.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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