Baking and Recipe : Pain Traditionnel

Pain traditionnel, one of the most famous French bread, is known to many people as one of the most difficult bread to bake well. The ingredients of it very simple; wheat flour, water, salt, dried yeast and molt syrup. So that it costs lower than any other bread, but the technique required to bake it deliciously is higher than any other one.

I bought a book about baking breads written by a famous baker in Japan before. In this book a way to bake bread is introduced; It is to ferment dough in low temperature for many hours, at least for 12 hours. And it should avoid to knee dough too much. Dough of various breads is usually kneaded enough to make gluten in its own inside. Gluten is like bones, it supports the structure of bread and finer and finer it is made, more softly it becomes when dough is baked in oven. But dough of pain traditionel should be kneaded as shortly as possible. So that dough requires long time to absorb water, at least 30 minutes. (Kneading about for 30 minutes is usually enough to make dough absorbed water.)
At first kneading dough for 2 minutes in all and leave it for 30 minutes. so that during this time dough absorbs water. I added water whose total amount  is equal to 78% of the total amount of flour. Though it was more than usual, dough could absorb all of water in its own inside.

This time I baked a kind of Pain traditionel named Coupé in French which shape seems like a boat. The way to bake it was based on the book I introduced above, but I added some ideas to the progress.

Obstbrot und Pain Traditionel

Pain Traditionnel
Dough, pre-fermented
Wheat flour(suitable for baking French breads) : 50g
Water : 50g
Dried Yeast : a pitch (less than 1/10 of tea spoon)

Wheat flour(Suitable for baking French breads) : 250g
Water : 184g
DriedYeast : a pitch (1/10 of tea spoon)
Salt : 6g

<How to bake>
Dough, pre-fermented

1. Put all ingredients into a container and mix it.
2.  Cover the container with a lid and leave it at 20 degrees Celsius for 12 hours at least.

1. Put all ingredients(including dough pre-fermented) into a box of a breadmaker.
2. Knead them for 2 minutes and leave dough as it is for 30 minutes.
3. Put dough outside from the box, and shape it roundly. Then, Put it into a container which has its own lid.
4. Get the lid on the container, and leave it at 14 degrees Celsius about for 24 hours.
5. After dough is one and half times larger than before fermentation, take dough away from the container. Don’t Push dough, take it as gently as possible.
6.Shape it roundly like a ball, leave it as it is for 30 minutes (Pay attention; Don’t leave it without any cover)
7. Shape it according to the way of  shape French Breads…(Sorry, But I have no skill to describe how to shape it in detail! XP )
8. Ferment dough for 1 hours at 23 degrees Celsius with prevent it from being dried.
9. Preheat oven at 250 degrees Celsius. At the same time put the plate into oven and preheat it too.
10. Before baking, cut surface of dough straightly.  Put it on the plate and begin to bake it at 250 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes and bake it further at 230 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes.
11. As soon as baking is over, take bread away from oven and cool it for a half of hour at least.

It is very suitable for eating at breakfast. Its taste is very simple,but it must be delicious!

Thank you for your visit here today.

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