My computer freeeeeeezed!!!

My computer is in trouble now. When I use it, it suddenly screeches and stops working. This trouble started since I added a sound card to it; The name of it is sound blaster 5.1 VX. It costs very low and I heard that its performance wasn’t so bad. So that I decided to get it and added to my computer to enjoy listening to music or sounds of movies with my computer.


But the reality is not kind to me. I can’t do anything calmly now, because I don’t know when it suddenly stops. Of course, to repair it, I have done various trials, but they’ve been all just waste of time. Drawing, Listening or Writing something with it, it stops without any previous notice.

What I’ve already done are as follow; To stop all of functions of on-board sound tips on BIOS settings, to uninstall the driver provided by Creative once and reinstall it, to change the PCI slot which this sound card is connected to another one and so on. They, however, all came to nothing.

There may be many causes that bring my computer such a severe situation. But it is impossible for me to specify the direct cause from them. So that All I can do is to try various ways to let it operate correctly. I found a driver being suitable for Sound Blaster 5.1 VX and made and provided by an able volunteer on the web this morning. I’ll try to install it to my computer after work.

Begin something new causes many troubles to do it, many people say. I have heard it once, and I experience it now.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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