In my high school days…

Jugend_Thumb / Youth_ThumbWhat is the most important things which should be experienced by all of students? To study hard? To try to do something hard? To make friendship deeply with their classmates? To fall in love with anyone? Or other anything else? Or all of them?

I don’t know the answer for it(Therefore I ask readers such a question), but it is sure that I couldn’t experience all of these. In my high school student days I remember that I could live calmly every day, but it means also that something special or memorable didn’t came to me in those days. I’m sure that the experiences which people can come across in high school days only and after getting older they come to us no longer. In a sense, To encounter these incidents is very happy, I think so.

When I was a high school students,  I was very fat and also very gloomy. I didn’t know or understand something which guarantees me the value to live in this world. I don’t still find it completely, but I lost my way to live emotionally. I had some friend, studied every day and read books I was interested in, but they were all vacant. When people can’t find something which support them to remain to live, they feel everything fades out from themselves, I think. “Man shall not live on bread alone” It is said in the Bible and I’m not Christian so that I don’t know whether I understand the meaning of the sentence correctly or not, but I think I understand what it wants to mean.

Have you encountered such a situation the picture above shows?

Thank you for your visit here today.

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