It is “Bunka no Hi” in Japan today.

It is “Bunka no Hi” today in Japan. This is the one of Japanese national holidays. “Bunka no Hi” can be perhaps translated “Cultural day” in English. The reason that the day is named this name is that the constitution of Japan is promulgated on the day about 65 years ago. And it regards peace and culture as important, so that this day, 3rd Nov., is congratulated every year.

Frankly speaking, Though I have already experienced this day for 27 times, I have never felt the “cultural” atmosphere on the days. It’s been just one of holidays for me. To begin with, I have a question whether many people have thought about their  own culture seriously or not.  If I’m asked by someone to explain the Japanese culture, I’ll be in trouble because I don’t know how to explain it. For example, “Hamburger, Jeans, Hollywood, Broadway and Coke” come into every mind of Japanese people when they think about American culture. But it must be wrong as an explanation or symbols of it. I think also that many American will be angry if they are explained these things are symbols of America.
It is the same about Japanese culture. “Fujiyama, Geisya and Harakiri” have already become alt-modernisch (old fashioned), fortunately. Then, How can we explain our own culture? With “Japanimation”? “Otaku-culture”? “Japanese foods”? They are all parts of Japanese culture, but only with them we can’t explain it at all. I think it is a very difficult matter how we regard our own culture. To try to think about foreign one is all the more difficult.

Culture must make a part of us and influence us in the way of thinking, eating, living every time. So that I think it is one way of explanation about our culture; “I’ve grown up in Japanese culture, so that I’m a part of it, maybe.” Those who listened to me may say “No kidding me”, but I’m very serious. It is the fact that I have lived in Japan and have been influenced by its culture, therefore I think my style or action must be also influenced by it.

By the way,
I’ll see you a picture I baked last week.
I wanted to blog it with explanation of its detail, but I didn’t have any time to do it and I’m too tired.

Pain de Campagne.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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