A stupid mistake I took….

I made a mistake yesterday…  I had to go to hospital to be prescribed medicine, and I wanted to buy two cards of DDR-RAM(512MB) at a shop located near the hospital. I thought that the motherboard of my computer could hold 3GB DDR-RAM in all, which is configure with 6 pieces of 512 MB.

But it was not true. I put these cards into each slots, and switched my computer on. As soon as the computer is turned on, it usually checks the amount of RAM. The result of that was about 2GB. 1GB was left somewhere away by my computer.

Why didn’t the computer recognize the rest? I tried to find  the reason and the way to solve the problem. I checked and changed numerical value of Windows registry, BIOS settings and so on. But the result wasn’t changed… Both of Windows and BIOS recognized only 2GB RAM as being available.

And at last I found a sentence which made me given up to let my computer recognize the rest 1GB RAM. “This type motherboard cannot recognize 3GB configured with 6 cards of 512 DDR-RAM.” This sentence was written on the handbook of the motherboard. After all, I just wasted of money.

I thought to sell the 2 card of 512 DDR-RAM and tried to find shops which bought used RAM from consumers as expensive as possible. But it was also just waste of time.

I think I was foolish because I made such a stupid mistake….

Thank you for your visit here today.

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