A little thing which makes my heart warm.

I was too tired to talk with anyone, so that I came bake home as soon as office hours came to end.

I also could talk hardly with my mother. I went back to my room and I slept for several hours. When supper was ready, she called me and I ate it. After eating supper, I felt sleepy and I couldn’t help going to bed soon.

This morning after I got up though I felt still sleepy, I thought that I made a sandwich to eat it as lunch. I opened door of the refrigerator and found something wrapped with plastic seat. It was a sandwich! And I found also a letter from my mother. She said that she was very worried about me and advised not to think about every work too much in the letter.
I was very glad to read that; it is the fact that I was very very worried about her and She made me wanted to think and do nothing about anything else around me(It means to want a little to commit suicide, may be.). She wasn’t perfect at all and she is also so now. But it is also the fact that she is my mother and it can’t be changed. So that I want to find something good of her to remain to regard her as my mother.

I’m at workplace now. I have to go to hospital today, so that I’ll go back home earlier than usual. Till the time when I can go back come, I work as polite as possible.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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