Baking and Recipes : Hard Roll

Today I’ll  introduce a kind of bread I baked last Saturday. The good point of the bread is that it contains low fat; butter and shortening. It perhaps means that it is good for health of people who eat it.
It is a kind of rolled buns. Rolled buns usually contain a much amount of fat to make it softly. But Crust of these buns is very soft to eat though a amount of fat isn’t too much.

Hard Roll.

Hard Roll
*for baking 10 pieces of buns
Wheat flour: 250g
Salt: 3.75g
Dried yeast: 1.5g
Water: 86g
Egg: 25g
Sugar: 20g
Skimmed milk: 10g
Condensed milk: 10g
Butter: 5g
Shortening: 5g

<How to bake>
1.Mix all ingredients except butter and shortening  and knee them about for 15 minutes with “home bakery”.
2. After Adding butter and shortening,  knee them further about for 12 minutes.
3. Shape dough roundly and put it into a container.
4. Cover the container with lid and keep it about 2 hours at 23 degrees Celsius.
*Notice: To prevent it from being dried, make sure that cover the container before first fermentation.
5. When dough becomes twice larger than before fermentation, take it away from the container. Push it to free air contained in dough and shape it roundly again. After that put it into the container to begin to ferment again.
6. When dough becomes twice larger than before fermentation again, push it to free air and cut dough into 10 pieces(Of course every piece should be the same size).
7. Shape each of them roundly and leave them about for 15 minutes to give them rest to take strains of dough away.
8. Push them again. Shape it flat and round and put the top and bottom of it together. Roll it with hand to shape it as a column. and roll an end of it further to shape it as a drop. After shaping it, leave all pieces of dough as are for 20 minutes at 23 degrees Celsius.
9. Push the head of it (It means a dicker end of every piece Not a thinker one!)  on the stand. Roll it about 18~20 centimeter longer with a rolling pin. And Roll up it.
10. Put all pieces of dough on baking plate(Make sure that there are spaces among every piece!). Leave them as are for 60 minutes at 30 degrees Celsius(Till every bun becomes twice larger than before.)
11. Preheat oven at 230 degrees Celsius. Bake them at 230 degrees Celsius about for 10 minutes with vapor.
12. After baking it, take baking plate outside immediately.  Cool buns for 1 hour at least.

I think this bun is suitable for every breakfast. Let’s eat it with scrambled egg, sausage and milk.  I’m sure that the bun will make your morning more delicious!

Thank you for your visit here today.

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