In a mutter…

I don’t want to listen to what someone says, I don’t also want to see somebody, I want to be alone. Please leave me alone.
The feeling in my heart is same as these sentences now.

Students speak too loudly to bear. It makes me very nervous and tired. They speak their feelings frankly without thinking about what other people feel when they listen to students’ conversation. They are just insensitive and dull. They don’t think that how what they say can wound other people at all. I can’t believe, and don’t believe that what I did before, when I was a high school student, was  similar to what they do.

About 5  months later, I will get out of the work place and I won’t be suffered from students’ attitude and conversation. I want to work among people who can communicate each other politely and gently. I know that the thought in my heart is abusive, but I dare to write; I can’t stay any longer among people who can’t be treated as human-being!

I feel too tired to do anything and think anything positive. Please leave me alone without any interference……

Thank you for your visit here today.

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