Pictures : Ein Engel, der ausgeweist wurde…

I’ve finished to draw a picture. This is the first picture I drew after I rebooted my computer. The desk-top computer has 2GB DDR-RAM in total presently, so that I could draw the picture very comfortably.
When I draw pictures I always use these software; Painter 6.oJ  and Adobe Photoshop. The former enables those who want to draw to do it if they use real materials. The latter is a very famous software which is excellent in retouching pictures around the world.
This has been already blogged before, My desk-top computer  had only 1GB DDR-RAM in total. And I added 2 pieces of DDR-RAM whose capacity was 512MB further to it. As a result, It becomes to be able to deal with many and various actions more rapidly than before.

This is the picture I finished to draw.

Ich ein Engel(Thumb)
Click here to see full size


I have drawn many young boys since I began to draw pictures. I’ve drawn young girls and ladies, gentlemen and other aged people several times, but the number of boys I drew on paper is the most of all. I hadn’t understood the reason to draw many boys; One of the reason is it is more difficult for me to draw bodies of ladies than these of boys, because of lack of training. However, I had thought another reason might have existed… Recently I concluded it as follows; Drawing many young boys, many of whom look teenagers,  means for me to live over again in those days.  When I was a teenager, I was disliked by many classmates and I also didn’t like them. I was so very fat that some of them often bullied  and laughed at me. It made me gloomier and dismaler. Of course it is impossible to fall in love with someone. Many things which many people could experience without trouble were far away from me. You know, there are the experiences people can meet only in age of teenagers. The sight and the world they can see is smaller than these of adults, but therefore I think there must be things which only teenagers can recognize. I got so old that I can’t experience these any longer, because I’ve lost any chances to do it… So that I draw young boys. Drawing them is a trial to live in these age over again, Even if it is just a unrealistic trial.

At present I work at school as a teacher, and I’m sometimes envious of students who live in their days which people can meet only in teenagers as full as possible. I don’t say them but think in my heart that they should live as hard as they can because the days and things they experiences never return to them again after growing up.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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