1GB DDR-RAM was added to my computer!

It is a holiday today. Since last weekend I have done many things about computer.

At first, I came back home from my work space earlier than usual as a rest last Friday. I ‘m given 15 days for rest per 1 year and I used a part of them this time.   The reason to go back home early was as follows; First, I just wanted to have rest. Second, I wanted to go to Fukuoka city to buy 2 parts of DDR-RAM as inexpensive as possible to add them to my computer. It is very sorry but there are no stores that sell DDR-RAM(NOT DDR2, DDR3 orDDR4. Only DDR is suitable for my computer!) inexpensively. Third, I wanted to read a book written by Kyoshi Shigematsu, he is one of the most famous novelist in Japan, “Shissou(Running)” at a café located there. For these three purpose I went to Fukuoka in the afternoon last Friday.

I went there by JR-Kyushu, it is the most largest train company in this district. After arriving at Hakata terminal station, at first I went to Yodobashi-Camera which is the store selling very various wares; electrical appearances, furnitures, books, computers, softwares, watches, cosmetics and more. If DDR-RAM was sold inexpensively there, I thought to buy it at the store. But it was sold more expensive than I thought. So that I got out of the shop and went to another one.

The second shop I went to was not so far away from the first one. The store wasn’t large and it sold only goods about computer. But I found DDR-RAM that was inexpensive enough to buy for me there.  The price of DDR-RAM 512MB was about 2,000 yen, and it was perhaps the lowest price around there. I decided immediately to purchase 2 DDR-RAMs. This price included the guarantee to the case that these DDR-RAMs weren’t suitable for my computer. In case of it, these RAMs could be exchanged for other same-size DDR-RAMs.

And now my computer has 4 pieces of DDR-RAMs whose capacity are 512MB, in other words about 2GB. The DDR-RAMs I bought were fortunately suited to my computer. It works much more rapidly than before. The 2 slots to lay on DDR-RAMs are still free, so that I’ll buy 2 DDR-RAMs which are the same type as I bought this time and lay on them sooner or later.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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