A cloudy day.

I have a rest now at my work place. It is about 45 minutes, and after that I must start to work again.

Since last Friday I’ve drawn a picture with computer. At first, I scanned a draft drawn on paper to computer. And with pen tablet I traced it by putting a layer showing the draft secondly. And then I began to color this picture. I haven’t finished to color it yet.
The picture I’m drawing now is the first one which is drawn with my computer restored and rebooted a few weaks ago. So that I had to check the conditions about various facilities connected with it; pen tablet, printer, display, graphic card and so on before starting to draw. And it is remaining to coordinate it presently.
Frankly speaking, I wanted to buy a new computer  rather than to repair an old one. But after repairing, I ‘m attached to the old machine which is operated by Windows XP SP3.  I think to use it as long as it works, but it has only 1GB DDR RAM now.  It is too small to operate several software to draw something. I’m going to purchase additional DDR RAM to it sooner or later.

Oh, it is time to have to go back to my work again. I teach students something about computer. How many things which I want to tell them can be understood by them? I always have this question in my heart when I have classes…

Thank you for your visit here today.


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