Baking & Recipes : Sweet Buns containing Paste of Sweet Potato

A kind of bread called “Kashi-Pan” in Japanese is very popular in Japan. It contains various fillings in itself. For example; Paste made from sweet potato, red beans and so on, Jam made from many kinds of fruits, and other ingredients. I baked one of them last Saturday, and it contains paste of sweet potato as filling. I introduce the way to make the filling and dough which was used to bake it this time.

Paste of sweet potato
Sweet potato: 400g
sugar: 60g
salt: a pitch
milk: 60cc
butter(no salted): 30g
yolk: 1
rum: a teaspoonful

<How to cook>
1. Peel surface of sweet potato and cut it in round slices (thickness: about 1~2 cm).
2.  Put them into a container (cooked with microwave machine available) and pour water enough to soak them, heat it on 800W about for 8 minutes.
3. After heat it, drain water away completely from the container. Furthermore mush heated slices.
4. Put mushed potato into the deep pan and add butter into it further. Mix them till all of butter is melted and mixed with potato completely.
5.  After beginning to heat them on a law flame, add sugar, milk and salt further. During heating pan, mix them without a pause.
6. After it gets tough with water evaporated,  stop heating it and mix it well further.
7.  Getting it colder, add yolk and rum and mix well.
8. Wrap it and keep it in refrigerator till it is used as filling.

Dough of “Sweet Buns”
<Ingredients(for baking 10 pieces of buns)>
Wheat flour(suitable for baking ordinal breads): 177g
Wheat flour(suitable for baking cakes): 20g
Salt: 3g
Dried yeast: 4g
Water: 95g
Yolk: 20g
Sugar: 50g
Skimmed milk: 4g
Condensed milk: 10g
Butter(unsalted): 10g
Shortening(Trans-fat free): 10g

<How to bake>
Refer this post: Cream Buns

This is the picture of these buns.

Sweet Buns.

Each taste of buns and filling makes a good combination! Feeling hungry, take one of them with tea. It will offer a good rest to you.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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