au introduces its own new products sold this winter!

I have waited for it for a long time… What is “it”? It means that a cellar phone carrier “au”, which phone I use presently, introduces its own new products; I’m very glad especially to know the new faces categorized in “smart phone”. I’ve waited them long. They are named “IS04” “IS05” and “IS06”.

According to the presentation performed by au, they have high capacity which cellular phones sold in Japan have and which are required as “smart phone”. A famous website blogging reports about something new or interesting “Gigazine” says that “IS04” has especially high quality systems and camera to net or to take pictures. it is made as “high ended-model”, Gigazine has reported so.  “IS05” “IS06” have also high capacities to do various use. All of them have the facilities of “Osaifu-Keitai”(It is for paying with cellular phones as electric money; FeliCa made by SONY is used to do it), connecting to EZweb(It is one of Website-system made for cellular phone produced by au) and so on.

Japanese cellular phone is very different from foreign one. It is very useful but it also means that it has been very difficult to use in foreign countries; Presently many of them can be used in these countries, but it doesn’t cost still enough low to use without hesitation there. The differences of them seems not good, but if the goodies of them can be unified on a cellular phone? It means that potential of cellular phone may be expanded further.

More information about these; au official website

IS04, a new face of au lined-up cellular phones this winterIS04 by FUJITSU TOSHIBA MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS

“IS04” and other new faces will be sold since December this month. I’m looking forward to being sold and to trying a real machine at the shop.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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