About my car…

Do you like to drive a car? I like it very much.

Next year I may leave this city I’m living now for the another one to learn a thing. I have to decide whether I bring my car to the city together or not. The city is so large that the cost to park it is also very expensive. Perhaps it is one and a half times as high as around the district where I live presently. Furthermore it may not be  needed to bring my car when I live there because the means of transportation are not only very  various but also very low. Many people living there seem to transport by train. A lot of lines are linked among cities around the district and they are very useful. In fact, When I visited the district to have a trip, I thought it was very easy, useful and it cost low.  These facts bring me a conclusion; I don’t have to bring my car together.

But frankly speaking, I want to bring it with me to the city I’ve never lived in… Though the cost to maintain and park it will be very high and it isn’t sensible. At first I also didn’t know the reason to think so, but I understood myself after considering the matter long.
My car is “Fit” assembled and sold by HONDA.  I bought it when I began to work at school about 2 and a half year ago. Before I got the job, I wasn’t in a full time employment. I had to go to school I worked by car because few bus lines and no train’s station were around there. In other words, If I didn’t get the job at that time, I may not still have a car. I could decide to purchase a car because I could get the work. Therefore, my car is one of  symbols which shows me that I could take part in the society with having a job.
The feeling to leave the city without my car is “lonely”. It may be seemed stupid by other people; Why do you feel lonely in the case you leave somewhere without your car? If the others say same things I said, I may feel it strange.
It is difficult for me to explain my feeling about it logically. But it is sure that I don’t regard my car as just a car but something special.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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