Baking & Recipes : Cream Buns

Which cream do you like? I like custard cream very much. The tart decorated with almond cream and custard cream is a pile of pleasure for me. So it is natural that I should want to make it by myself and to use it as filling of bread.
I’ll introduce the process to cook it and a kind of bun holding it as filling; Cream Buns.

Cream Pain.

Custard Cream
Egg: 1 whole egg
Sugar: 75g
Vanilla Beans: 1/2 of whole bean
Milk: 250ml
Wheat flour(Type being suitable for baking cakes): 25g
Rum:  amount of a teaspoonful

<How to cook>
1. After moistening a milk pan with water, warm milk with vanilla beans before coming to the boil.
2. Mix whole egg and sugar well. After that, add flour and mix them more.
3. Pour warmed milk into “2.” gradually with mixing.
4. Pour “3.” into a milk pan again through strainer.
5. Warm the pan with mixing incessantly to prevent it from scorch. On the way to mix, add rum into the pan.
6. As the cream is melted smoothly, stop warming it and pour it on cellophane film to wrap.
7. Cool it in refrigerator for several hours at least.
NOTICE: It must be cold with refrigerator in order to prevent it from going bad.
8. Before using it, mix it enough to be easy to be filled into dough.

Dough of “Cream Buns”
<Ingredients(for baking 10 pieces of buns)>
Wheat flour(suitable for baking ordinal breads): 177g
Wheat flour(suitable for baking cakes): 20g
Salt: 3g
Dried yeast: 4g
Water: 95g
Yolk: 20g
Sugar: 50g
Skimmed milk: 4g
Condensed milk: 10g
Butter(unsalted): 10g
Shortening(Trans-fat free): 10g

<How to bake>
1. Mix and knee all ingredients except butter and shortening for 15 minutes.
2. Add butter and shortening, and knee dough further for 12 minutes.
3. Shape roundly, and put it into a container which can prevent dough from being dried.
4. Ferment dough till it becomes twice as large as before fermentation.
(It takes about 2~3 hours at 23 degrees Celsius.)
5. Take dough away and push it to release air contained in dough, and shape it roundly again.
6.Put it into the container and ferment till it becomes twice as large as before fermentation again.
7. Take dough away and  push it. Cut dough into 10 pieces.(Each piece has about a weight of 40g )
8. Shape all of pieces roundly, and leave what they are to take rest for 15 minutes.
9. Push them gently again, and  roll each of them thinly. and cover custard cream made and cooled beforehand with it.
10. Place sealed side of each dough on the plate. Cover it with towel or something dampened with water to prevent dough from be dried. Ferment them till volume of them becomes one and a half time ~ twice as large as before.
(It takes about 50~60 minutes  at 30 degrees Celsius.)
11. Preheat oven at 230 degrees Celsius.
12. After brushing the beaten egg on the surface of each bun, place the plate into oven and bake it for  10 minutes at 230 degrees Celsius.
13. After baking,  take the plate immediately and cool buns for 1.5 hour at least.

I’ve already eaten it and I have thought that it’s been one of the best bun all of I’ve ever baked! It’s delicious!
And furthermore, its volume is not so large that we doesn’t have to worry about eating too much.

If you want to bake it, please try it! It’s also my pleasure.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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