Reading : “Aoi Tori” written by Kiyoshi Shigematsu

I like to read books. I especially read various novels when I was an university student. When I went to my university, I had to get to train and subway about 40 minutes at least. The time was good for me to read something. Reading with walking was too dangerous to do, and after arriving at university, I had to listen to what professors said. So that there are no time to read books which has no relation with lectures.

But I don’t have time enough to read something. Because I must work at school now….. The time which I can’t read anything remains for a long time, I feel it makes my brains dried as desert. To teach students something else, I should read also something good for my brain and my heart. Because it is not only to increase knowledge about various things, but also it makes my thought deeper than before.

I read a novel “Aoi Tori” written by Kiyoshi Shigematsu. in Japanese. It is about some schools in which there are some students who have something trouble in their heart. The troubles are serious and they bring the students terrible loneliness. A student’s father committed Suicide, another student wounded his teacher, and students at a school sent a classmate to death with laughing at him and forcing him to steal goods from his parents store. Some of them did something bad which may be criticized and may be regarded as crime. Despite the facts, They were also wounded.

A man comes to school as a teacher in each stories. his name is Murauchi and he teaches students Japanese. But he has a trouble; he is a stammer. At class he teaches them with stammering many times, and students feel it difficult to understand something in his class at first.
But he says them; ” I can’t speak well, so that when I speak to you, I say something important.”  And then he wanted to approach students who were wounded by various reason. He says that the reason to approach them is that they are all loneliness. “I want to stand by them to tell them that they aren’t loneliness.”  He says also that; “I come here not to tell you what right is, but to tell what important is.”

It’s very sorry that I can’t express the true value of every story in English. It may not be translated to English, but I want you to read if you have a chance.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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