Connection to the net recovered!

I have two computers at home now. One is a laptop model and its ability to deal with many data is not so good. Another is a desktop model and it can deal with various data than the former. Though, both of them have gotten very old enough to let us consider to purchase a new one. CPU of the former is Celeron M, and one of the latter is Pentium 4! Do you know these name of CPUs which were very popular once upon a time…? The OS of those old computers  is Windows XP. I won’t try to install the newer OS to them because it needs much higher specifications than what they include. It is like to force a old person who seems over 90 years old read many books written in foreign languages which he/she has never read. In fact, I think Windows XP is a very wonderful OS to use. It must be much better than Windows VISTA.

Well, to return to our subject today; One of them couldn’t be connected with the net till yesterday evening. About 6? or 5? I don’t remember, at least several months ago it suddenly stopped functioning at all.  I was in troubled very much and tried to restore connection with the net. But it’s only waste of time. I thought that perhaps the LAN port contained in this computer broke out and therefore the connection was out of function. But I didn’t have money to buy the new LAN port and didn’t also time to fit up it to the computer. After all, I have used another one, which is a laptop type computer, to connect to the Net for about half a year.
Yesterday at last I made up my mind to buy a LAN port to restore the connection to the net with my desk top computer again. It cost about 500 yen. It was much cheaper than the cost I thought, but I was anxious about a problem; If it can’t be efficient to reconnect to the net for my computer, I don’t know what I should do as the next step to repair it.
After coming back home, I fit up the LAN port I bought at YODOBASHI Camera located in Fukuoka to my old desktop computer. The internal of it was covered with dust; So that I cleaned up there before fitting up the port. And then, checking that the computer was powered off, I laid on it to the PCI BASS Port(Note: computers assembled recently have no longer this style BASS port. It proves how old every  computer contained it as one of standard kinds of ports is.Oh, Time never stops going ahead…). And I switched the computer on.
I waited for the computer to be ready to be used. And I clicked the icon of “Internet Explorer” with my heart beating fast. But the browser produced by Microsoft and used around the world showed me this cruel code: ERROR 404 File not Found.” I screamed in my heart. “Is it only to be waste of money to make decision to purchase the LAN port with my courage all I had!? ” Of course I didn’t give up. I thought I could never sleep till the connection with the net was recovered.
At that time, an idea occurred in my brain. “Let’s switch the LAN router off once and turn on it again.” I immediately made the action. After the LAN router(It has also a lot of problems about the function..) was turned on again and kept stable, I clicked “IE” once more again. After the screen remained being colored white for a while, and at last I could see the lovely characters;

“G” “o” “o” “g” “l”  “e”.

…Now I cleaned up many data contained and saved in this computer. I want to try to reboot it and make it more useful than what it is. Of course there is a limit to do because it’s already gotten old and the performance of it can’t be compared with other computer assembled and produced recently. But I don’t have money enough to buy a new one, and above all, it still remains functioning. Why do we have to stop using it although it doesn’t break down?  I think we use everything as long as it can be used. It means to value things made by someone highly.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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