Baking : Cream Pain

I introduce the last one I baked last Saturday today. It is called “Cream Pain” and is very popular as well as “Curry Pain” in Japan. Its dough taste sweat and it includes much sugar, and cream wrapped(?) in dough is made from egg, milk and sugar. Moreover vanilla beans adds wonderful aroma to the cream.
To wrap the cream with dough is not easy for me. At first I couldn’t do it well, so that I struggled to do well for a while. After all I managed to shape it roundly.
By the way, how do you cook the cream called custard cream? There are some kinds of way to cook among various recipe books. I always think about egg when I cook it. Should I use whole egg or only yolk as its ingredient? I cook it according to the former way. (In the case cooking with the way of the latter, I ‘m always troubled with the way to cook the white of an egg.)
This time I added cacao powder as one of ingredients to the dough. It made the color of it darker and added bitter aroma as a part of taste to buns. I was conscious of taste made from the contrast between bitter aroma of dough and vanilla’s sweat one included custard cream.

This is the picture of the buns.

Cream Buns.

Its color is dark brown coming from cacao included in dough.

I haven’t eaten yet XP. Because I must eat other bread which I also baked last Saturday. Perhaps someone of my family will eat it sooner or later.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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