Baking : Curry-Pain

As I have already blogged before, I baked some breads last Saturday. I’ve already introduced two of them, but the rest of them haven’t talked about yet. So that I blog about it this time.

I cocked curry last Saturday evening. Curry is one of the most popular foods in Japan. It’s often called “Kokumin-Shoku”(Food which is popular to people living in this country). So that many kinds of roux are sold at supermarket to cook it easily and deliciously.
But I want to make roux, too. There are many kinds of spices all over the world. And various (or limitless) combinations may exist or be thought. to think about it is a lot of fun! Therefore I make roux every time when I cook curry.
“Curry-Pain” is a kind of  “Sosai Pain(Buns eaten as a delikatessen)” in Japan. It is very popular and is eaten by many people. Every bakery has their own “Curry pain” and they taste differently. It is fun for me to compare them which various bakeries sell.
I cooked curry at the same time when I want to bake “Sosai Pain”, so that I tried to make “Curry Pain”, which contains curry as filling.

It is popular to fry like donuts when “Curry Pain” is made in Japan, But I don’t like it because it makes each buns contained fat a lot. Instead of frying, I baked it as same as other kinds of buns after coating of olive-oil.

This is the picture of the buns.

Curry Buns.

I have already packed it with plastic bag to bring to my girlfriend. I haven’t eat it yet but I wish that it is delicious enough to eat.

I want to blog about the last one of breads I baked last Saturday and not having been introduced yet; “Cream Pain”.
But I must go to work….
When I get time to write about it, I’ll blog and update the article about it soon!

Thank you for your visit here today.

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