Baking : Pain de Campagne & English Honey Bread

It is holiday today. I have baked some kinds of bread as pleasure in weekends since this morning. Now two dough are in fermentation. And other two breads has already been finished to bake.

At first, I introduce a round and large bread. It is often called “Pain de Campagne”. “Pain de Campagne” sometimes contains rye flour as one of ingredients, but this time I baked this bread without it. The reason was that; I just forgot to add it when I made dough. After starting to knee, I realized that I had to add also rye flour, but it was too late. Therefore this “Pain de Campagne” was made from wheat flour, water, salt, dried-yeast only.
“Why did you forgot such a important thing? ” You may have a question. The answer about it is also simple. Because I was too tired to notice it. I kneed ingredients after coming back from work. My work, as I have already blogged many times, makes me very tired. I sometimes say in myself, “Oh, I could come back home alive! I have still two legs and feet.” (“Yurei”, a ghost in Japan is regarded as a soul which doesn’t have both of legs and feet.)
you may also think that; “Were you so tired? So you had better not bake bread. you should have had rest with drinking some glasses of wine and so on.”. I think your opinion is right. But I was so foolish that I prepared ingredients to knee it to bake bread. Yes, after all, somehow I like to bake breads.

This is the picture of the bread.

Pain de Campagne.

During the final fermentation of the bread, I went shopping to some supermarkets. When I go shopping to get food or other goods, I always choose one which sells each food or goods most cheaply of all from some supermarkets located nearby. For example, recently many kinds of vegetables are sold very expensively. A supermarket sold a tomato at 198 yen yesterday! I couldn’t buy it because it is too expensive. We could buy about 300g of pork with same amount of money at the same supermarket.  As a result, I had to go to another supermarket which sells vegetables more cheaply. This style my shopping keeps me outside from my house long.
After all, I came back from shopping about 1. 5 hours later. I hurried up to the kitchen, because I thought that the dough might be left too long for the fermentation. To be fermented too long is one of the worst situations for breads. It makes dough bad. I worried about the condition of dough.
As a conclusion, the condition was very good. The reason is that, I think, the temperature in the kitchen wasn’t so high that the fermentation might advance more slowly than usual(The temperature there was 23 degrees Celsius at that time.).
It was proved by the shape of  the bread that the condition was very good. When I bake “Pain de Campagne” or other breads including not many ingredients, I cut the surface of them before baking to set air included in dough free. The dough which advanced in good progress of fermentation was tore from the cut and was shaped “that” unique form which was memorized by many people as “The shape of bread” in baking.
I was very glad to see the shape of bread after baking. I haven’t eaten it yet, but I’m going to eat it as breakfast with curry I cooked yesterday evening. I’m looking forward to it!

Second, I introduced another bread I baked yesterday. It contains honey as one of ingredients. It is about 10% of the all amount of flour.
Honey I used this time was bought at COSTCO wholesale located in Hisayama town, in Fukuoka prefecture. It’s not so far away from my house, so that I sometimes go shopping by car. Every COSTCO is called “”Warehouse” and it sells many items from foreign countries. We enjoy easily atmosphere of these countries in Japan.
Recently I haven’t baked the bread called “English Bread”. So that I tried to bake it yesterday. The bread contains honey, so that I decreased the amount of sugar from ingredients.

This is the picture of the bread.

Honey English Bread.

I wished the bread to grow up much taller, but after all it wasn’t grown up at baking in oven. I’ll try to bake it not before long once again. I think to add wheat flour which contains proteins more than the flour I used this time.

I baked 4 kinds of bread yesterday. I’ll introduce also the rest two soon.

Thank you for your visit here today.

Zwei Bröte.

    • Yuki
    • October 3rd, 2010


    This campagne’s crust is very beautiful!!!
    And this is looked so delicious.
    I want to eat and to enjoy these bread.

    I glad to watch these pictures.
    Fun baking bread in future!!

    • Thank you for your comment, Yuki!
      I’m also glad to see this beautiful crust. I have baked bread at home before,
      But I have seen hardly such a beautiful one.
      To tell the truth, I haven’t eaten it yet XP. I’ll eat it this morning as breakfast!

      If to show these pictures about bread I baked makes you glad, It’s also my pleasure XD!

      Thank you!!

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