“Smart Phone”, I want to get it!

I have used a cellular phone for four years. It has already gotten old and therefore I can’t enjoy surfing on the net and use other useful services. When I change to the next phone, I want to buy one which kind is called “Smart phone” like iPhone or Xepia.
But there is a big problem; I contract presently one of  companies providing the cellular phone service, it is “au”.  It was famous for providing customers various unique services and making funny advertisement. But it didn’t thought that “Smart Phone” would become the important one of cellular phone variations(It has been already confessed by the president of  the company.).On the other hand,  other companies providing cellular phone service in Japan, “NTT Docomo” and “Soft Bank”, have already some variations of “Smart Phone” called “Xepia” or “iPhone” and they are very popular among people who want to use “Smart phone”. For all people contracting “au” and waiting for the time when they become to be able to use “Smart Phone”, I’m one of them,  have been very disappointed with its attitude. Their strategy was a deplorable blunder! Many users contracting “NTT Docomo” or “Soft Bank” fortunately enjoy choosing one which they like now, but we, “au” users, haven’t been able to enjoy it.
But at last “au” began something new to take part in the market of “Smart Phone”. They make a website which requires people who’s wanted to use “Smart Phone” without stopping contracting it to wait for “Android” series. (Website)
They’are named “IS03”, “IS04”, “IS05”, “IS06” and provided by TOSHIBA, SHARP,KYOCERA and PANTEC.
I’ve considered which better is before, whether changing the phone company I’ve contracted or not. But I decide to wait for them which will have been provided by “au” by December this year.
I’m looking forward to the press-release scheduled next Monday, October 6.

au IS02
IS02, one of “Smart Phones” provided by “au”, made by “TOSHIBA”

Thank you for your visiting here today.

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