In a mutter…

Being interested in something is one of the most important abilities human being has, I think. Because of its ability, people want to start to try something what they haven’t done or experienced yet. Something new for a man makes sometimes us anxious and embarrassed. I think  that the anxiety can be conquered with our courage, faith or curiosity. About the former two things, courage and faith, It is very sorry but I don’t have both of them; I know I’m weak and faithless. But I have had only curiosity since my childhood.  I have lost my way many times. Every time of these I went along the street I’ve never gone because I wanted to know where the road brought us.
“Where does the road bring us?” “What does the taste come from?” “How is the landscape of the northern countries?” … These curiosity makes us do something to know new things people have never seen, listened to and eaten.
I can’t criticize people who have no courage and faith. That is why I don’t also have those. However having curiosity is not so difficult for us. It doesn’t need any courage, faith, or strength. On the contrary I think if we have no curiosity, we get no chance to begin something new for us. Of course I never think that remaining increasing knowledge or action without a pause is always right because it may steal time to consider something calmly from us. But in the case we have no curiosity, it is by no means good for our life.
When I teach students at school, I sometimes feel a question whether they have something interesting or not. In classes they often looks very bored  and sleepy. I know one of its causes is the shortage of my skill to teach. But is this the only cause of their attitude? The lack of curiosity may be another cause, I think. They enjoy playing video games, taking small pictures with their friends with “Print-Club” and going shopping at the shopping center. They seem to enjoy these, but they don’t seem to enjoy to know something at all. Their interest isn’t remaining long, and therefore they are interested in only things which are momentary pleasures. This situation may never make their inner world more deeply.
I have listened to the proverb; People can see only what they’ve already known. A professor introduced it at class. I think it shows an aspect of the truth.
I sometimes feel that the world which the students can understand and recognize may remain small because of lack of their curiosity. It is perhaps out of my business, but I’m worry about their future.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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