In a mutter…

I’m so tired that I can’t think what I should do now. I woke up at 3:30 this morning and I had to make my lunch at first, but I had no idea what to cook. In refrigerator there were nothing which were enable to be used to cook lunch. After all I cooked some deep-fried food and sliced cabbage. Sliced cabbage, deep-fried food and rice, they are all of my lunch. How bad today’s lunch is! Though I’ll have to take it as lunch today, I don’t want to eat it at all. To bring it to my work place is seemed to be stupid; I think everyone must wish to have a good time with eating something. But does the lunch which I’m disgusted with have any meaning?

I’m being attended to a work at my work place. It is to make a DVD to introduce the school where I belong to as a teacher. The work is planned by the vice school principal this time. He told me to make DVD which shows the visitor of school its wonderfulness and attraction. But the specific plan was not shown by him. He also told me to make it with my “fresh” senses.
I think it is just irresponsible. He didn’t told me nothing about what to be ought to make after all. And I don’t know “fresh” senses he said. I don’t feel to have such senses and I can’t understand what on the earth does it mean.
I had to stay at my work place two hours later after five o’clock, at which we can finish our work every day. Of course the vice principal went back home at that time. He always tells us to realize what he requires, but does nothing for it.

I must go to work today, too. I’ll work well today because I don’t want to do it.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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