As a first step of my trial…

Yesterday evening I met a woman in Fukuoka to be explained a school. The school grows people as bakers with practical lesson for 6 months. I have sent an E-mail to the school to know about the school much more before. Then the manager of the school sent to mean an offer that she has an opportunity to come to Fukuoka and explains me her own school and contents of its lessons, purposes and concept.
The date and time was at seven yesterday evening. So that I went to a  cafe located in Hakata, which is one district of Fukuoka, and waited for her. But she didn’t come there even 30 minutes later. I called her telephone several times, but I couldn’t talk to her because of her telephone was switched off or was at an place where it couldn’t be used. I got angry gradually and I thought to go back home. But an idea occurred to me; I saw her blog with my mobile phone. It was so old that I was worry that the blog could be seen with it, but fortunately, I could see her blog. In her blog a new entry was updated. She blogged that she mistook the airplane which she should board and she was in Tokyo at that time. She also blogged to go to Fukuoka immediately. Mistook the airplane? Was it possible to do such a stupid thing? I was very staggered but finally I laughed at the occasion. And I understood why I couldn’t contact with her; People who are boarding airplane must switch mobile phone off. That is the reason I couldn’t talked to her with it. I decided to wait for her coming for a while.
Before long I had a phone call from her.  At first she apologized to me for coming later and she was able to arrive at the cafe where I was waiting for her in a few minutes. And then, at last she came to the cafe. I explained her that I had already understood your situation from your blog and I had decided to wait for her.
She looked very friendly and in fact she was so. She explained her own school and its system, purpose and so on with iPad. (As soon as I saw it, I wanted to buy it immediately; but it was been under eyes of mine and readers XP!) And she answered my question I prepared beforehand gently.
My feeling about the explanation and her answers about my questions was that; It is not easy to be something to become true. In fact I have many thing to solve to learn and practice how to bake. But because her explanation wasn’t so dreamy that I could think about it more seriously and objectively. I have to consider what I should do next year.

Thank your for your visit here today.

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