“Du spricht Deutsch sehr schön, aber ein bischen zu schell!”, he said.

Yesterday I participated a German language class as a trial. This language class usually requires about 23,000 yen per 3 months to join, but I could join it with paying only 1,000 yen because it was a trial.

Before beginning the class, I was anxious about my skill to speak or listening to German. I had learnt it for 4 years at my university, but Most of grammar and vocabulary of German have already gone away from my brain.
Arriving at the place where the class was opened yesterday, a man was standing in the reception office. I knew that was the man who taught the students soon. I paid a charge and a clerk introduced me to him. He came with smiling and spoke to me in German. At first I couldn’t understand what he said, but a few seconds later I remembered the feeling which I had held at the communication with others in Germany before. I felt easy a little about speaking or listening to German. I couldn’t understand all he said, but guessed and grasped it to a certain extent. I talked him about myself; Where and how long I have learnt German and so on.
Before time when the class opened, all of students came to the class. There were 7 students including me. They used their own German name in class.  I was also required to decide my German name, but after all I couldn’t name myself with German name till the class came to end. 5 of them were middle aged and had different works. 1 of them, who was a woman and she could speak German well,  was seemed to be as old as I.
Surprisingly, the text book was a same one I used when I learnt at university about 4 or 5 years ago. And I have seen  the paragraph we studied this time.  But fortunately, I didn’t remember sentences and words at all. So that I could study it once again.
I had a very good time at the class. I realized again that I liked speaking or listening to German and expressing my thought with it. It was very difficult surely, but it was fun for me.

I’m considering if I participate the class or not. Its charge is not cheap, but I think the time when I join it must give me the pleasure that learning foreign languages. Perhaps I can’t keep time enough to attend the class because of my work at school, but I may keep it for 3 month next year, from next January till next March.
Like purchasing clothes, having a trip and eating something delicious, Feeding knowledge into my brain with learning has also a lot of fun, I think so.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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