Baking : Souzai-Pain(Pain for a snack)

Also this weekend I baked some kinds of bread, but one of them wasn’t baked not so well… This pain contains buckwheat flour as one of its ingredients. Before baking I cut the surface of the dough to be free the air included in the dough,  but the air was freed from another place, of course which is irregular. After all, side of the bread burst and the shape of it looked not very nice. I haven’t eaten it so that I don’t know how tasty it is. All I wish is that it can be eaten deliciously.

Pain de Campagne

On the other hand, I baked another kind of bread. I’ll introduce that one this time; I cooked it as a “Soouzai-Pain”, a buns for eating as a snack. I wanted to make buns which could be eaten without anything; butter, jam and so on. The buns is based on ordinary ingredients and its taste is soft and not so strong to prevent that tastes of buns and fillings put on the dough turn into a fight each other.
Filling was cooked as follows;
1.Fry some eggplants cut in some parts to be put on the dough easily and to be eaten easily with olive oil flavored garlic and chili-pepper for a while.
2.Prepare white source(Ingredients; butter, flour,  milk and salt)
3. Cheese, which is melted when it’s  heated at high temperatures
4. Sliced ham cut to some pieces
First, put the filling “2” on the dough. Next, put “1” and “4” on the “1”. And put “4” on those.
After final fermentation I baked it at 220 degrees Celsius  for 12 minutes.

This is the picture I introduced above.

Pain as a snack

I haven’t eaten it yet, but my mother has already eaten it and she said it was delicious. I’ll eat it as breakfast next morning.

The rest will come to end soon and I must work for five days at least again. But I have two events this week. One is to participate in a language class of German as trial tomorrow. The other is … I’ll write about it if I want.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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