To decrease stresses and strains…

I bought a new shoes of REGAL yesterday. It cost about 20,000 yen, and of course I know that it is not cheap at all. But when an advertisement about the shoes I bought this time was sent and at the moment I saw it, I want it immediately.
There are no stores around the area I live in. However I had to go to hospital located in Fukuoka City yesterday. In Fukuoka, A store where I bought a pair of shoes before is located. A coupon is attached to the ad, and If I take it to the store and I bought shoes, I’ll get bonus points besides usual points. It is the best timing to purchase it! Therefore I went buying the shoes after consulting a doctor at hospital.

To go to hospital, I used a train from my city to Hakata Station. I have loved to get to trains since my childhood. It is one of the most pleasant to go to my grandparent’s house by Shinkan-Sen. They lived in Kitakyushu City. If we left Hakata for Kokura, which has been the most largest district in Kitakyushu, we could arrive there only after 16 or 20 minutes. So it was just a very short trip, but it was very happy for me to get on it.
Recently I have gotten on trains few times. The reason is simple; My present workplace is far away from the station and therefore I go there by car every day. But yesterday I went to Fukuoka City by train. The train I got on was just a commuter rail, but it is enough pleasant to enjoy the small trip taking about 20 minutes.
Yesterday evening it was fine and it got colder than at the same period of time of a previous month. Whispering the wind to my face, I felt that Fall is come. My workplace is located far away from the city, so I enjoyed the urban atmosphere with walking along the large street crowded with many people and cars.
I also dropped in at a department store named Fukuoka-Tenjin-Daimaru. I bought a salad cooked with avocado,  shrimp and scallop which is one of specialties of the store “Kaki-Yasu” opened there. I love to walk in the floor called “Depa-Chika(It is an underground floor where many stores which sells a lot of delicatessen, patisserie, boulangerie and grocery open.)”!! It is a fantastic place for me…. But I can’t stay there because too many people are more than I can stand.
After that I went singing at Karaoke-store.  I sang many songs for 1 hour with loud voice. I can’t sing as well as people around me, for example my girl friend, so I’m shamed of it a little. But in the case singing alone, I don’t have to mind being bad at it at all. I felt that my stresses and strains were thrown away from my mouth with my loud voice.

Though the weight of my wallet became much lighter, my feeling got much better. This time I bought an expensive ware, but I decided to regard it as a present for me working every day.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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