Having a small trip!

I don’t know the reason that it was very colder yesterday than the day before yesterday, but it is the best temperature to have a small trip to a hot spring located in Kumamoto. I have been very tired since several weeks ago, so I went having rest with staying at a hot spring and eating a delicious soft served ice cream with my girlfriend. Of course we had also a good time with talking each other.
The car has been driven by my girlfriend in small trips recently, but this time I also drove it for a while. When we drove along the street in cities, we had to switch the air-conditioner on, but during driving a car on the road paved in mountains we could switch it off.
Because the hot spring  was surrounded by mountains, so that it is colder  there than in cities. It makes the magnificent every hot spring hold more wonderful. When we enter the bath-tub filled with hot water from a cold space,  I always thought that it is one of the most wonderful amusements around the world. Though I am sometimes vexed that I am a typical Japanese, I thank for my fortunate to be a Japanese whenever I take a bath.
After taking a bath, we went to a café named “Couple”. I ate a soft served ice cream and my girlfriend a glass of cold milk with cacao. Both of them were very delicious.  Whenever we visit there, there is no time to take a drop in the café.
After those we came back to our city soon. Lately we have stayed at a café which is a branch store of DOUTOR coffee shops for a few hours. When we stay there, we always talk about many miscellaneous things. They are not so important for us, but it is fun for both of us to have such a time. The store is located in suburbs, so that there are usually some tables not occupied when we visit there.
The style of such a trip we had yesterday requires not so much money and time, but gives us a good time and satisfaction.

Today I have to go to hospital  in the afternoon. After that I’ll go shopping in Fukuoka… Yes, this is also a way to decrease my stresses and strains!

Thank you for your visit here today.

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