Bread : Baking a Baguette

It is said that to bake a baguette requires one of the most difficult techniques. I have some books about baking breads, Most of them tell its difficulty and how to bake it well at home or at bakery. I have also baked this kind of bread for a long time at home, but I’m still not able to bake it well anytime. Its ingredients are very simple; flour, salt, water, dried-yeast(or other elements to ferment dough) and a little molt.

According to the books teaching us how to bake it, There are some points to bake it well. At first, Don’t knee ingredients long. We have to take notice not to knee the dough, but to mix the ingredients. Secondly, The dough needs long time to fermentation at low degrees.  It makes the aroma of breads. Being fermented too shortly isn’t good for its taste. When I baked it that time, I let the dough ferment for 12 hours at 11 degrees Celsius. Thirdly, Treat the dough as gently as possible. We mustn’t put dough strongly because the bubbles included in it are also a resources to make good taste and  wonderful aroma. And the next, I think it is the most important point of the progress, shape the dough as well as possible. I’m very sorry but I can’t explain the way as you understand well, I recommend a website introducing how to shape the dough when man bakes a baguette; e-Pain Kobo
During the final fermentation,  preheat oven at the highest degrees for the oven. I always preheat it at 300 degrees Celsius. And before bake it, we are sure to cut the surface of the bread. It is called “coupé” in French. it lets the too much air included in the dough gone off outside. And bake it; at first at 250 degrees Celsius, and 10 minutes later, let the temperature down at 230 degrees Celsius and bake it further for 15 minutes. In the case the dough is baked well, after 10 minutes from the beginning to bake it is formed as “Baguette”.

The Baguette I baked this time is this;

Baguette et Walnuts bread

It wasn’t baked well; it is judged from the surface’s form of the bread. I must practice baking it more… But it was very delicious, I think the reason is to take a long time to be fermented the dough. I like to eat it with a little honey… It is one of “trés bon mariage” I think!

Thank you for your visiting here today.

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