The funny application “Mote-Chi”

Do you know an application software “Mote-Chi” supplied with mobile-phone in the internet in Japan? This is an unique application ranking the shape of everyone’s face from his/her picture sent from the mobile phone. It uses an special algorithm and shows every user which place he/she got in among the number of population in Japan. Of course it is an funny playing, so that we don’t have to notice the result it showed.

I sent two pictures to the website  and got the result of both. The result of the first picture was very bad. I got 68 points and  ranked at the level D, it is second the worst all of the levels. And the result insisted that my face was similar to Mansai-Nomura or Terumoto-Goto. I was very sorry but I knew the former’s face only. I’m not confident at my face at all, but the result made me sad a little.
And then, I retook a picture and sent it there again.The result became much better than that of the former.  I got 95 points at that time and I ranked at the level A, it is the highest level of all. The result showed that this time my face was similar to Tomohisa-Yamashita or Tomoya-Nagase. I knew both of them because they could be sometimes watched on TV, but I felt that I wasn’t similar to them at all. And furthermore, The age judged from my face was 10. 10 years old!? I’m 17 years older than the age the result showed. I’m sometimes looked a few years younger than the my true age, but I’ve never been regarded recently as a child going to elementary school every day. I’m not disagreeable to be looked younger than actual, but on the other hand I think that being looked too younger may show that man doesn’t grow up at the level required as his/her generation which he/she actually belongs to.

The website of “Mote-Chi” is here; “Mote-Chi”
Notice: The application can be played with mobile phones supplied and produced by NTT-Docomo, Softbank or au in Japan. It’s very sorry that it is impossible to use it with computers.

If you want to play it, let’s challenge!

Thank you for your visit here today.

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