Bread : Hard-Roll flavored with leaves of basil

Yesterday I baked some kinds of bread. I’m relaxed whenever I bake breads. Of course I bake them to eat, but it is only reason; With baking bread I decrease my stresses and strains having increasing at office hours.

Hard Roll flavored with leaves of basil is based on a recipe of Hard Roll. It is made from all of ingredients and the chopped fresh leaves of basil. it makes the aroma more better. And furthermore it is covered with olive oil before it’s baked on oven. Basil and olive oil is the one of the most brilliant combinations all over the world I think! When baking is over, the whole kitchen is filled with the wonderful aroma!

This is the picture of it. Some parts seemed to be colored black is the chopped basil.

Hard Roll flavored with leaves of Basil

It is very easy to make the Hard Roll’s dough. The ingredients are simple and it contains less fat than a kind of bread called “Butter Roll”. The shape of Hard Roll is similar to Butter Roll, but the contained are very different from those of the latter.

I will blog the recipe of Hard Roll in a few weeks.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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