In a mutter…

If we have many friends who support us, we must face our own problem after all. The one who can save or guard us is perhaps ourselves only because no one can exchange the situation of others, even if they are in trouble.

It is often very hard and difficult for me to solve my own problem by myself. In the case the problem is complex, the possibility of that becomes higher than usual. So that I talk with my girl friend or my family about the problem I face at the present. In many cases they advise me well. But when I try to solve the problem, I must do it by myself. No one don’t help me. No, No one “can’t ” help me because any one isn’t able to change to me and my situation. After all, We are alone and we can only go ahead by ourselves. We can shake hands in occasion, and the term can be remained long possibly, but it will be over some day. A married couple is a good example. If they love each other as much as possible, one day they will have to say good-bye by various reasons, for instance, the  death which comes to one of them. Staying, experiencing or living together is by no means same as they have the same fate. I often feel it is one of the most saddest facts, and many stories the history the human being has experienced and made contains stem from the fact. Though the fact exists absolutely, we cannot live without relationship with others. How ironical it is!

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