In a mutter…

There is a kind of people. They can think about something deeply, remember things well and start in action rapidly. They are sometimes regarded as wise. Since my childhood, children who belong to the “wise” group have existed around me. On the other hand, I haven’t been able to study well, to play sports well and I’ve been sometimes lazy. I couldn’t studied hard for a long  time, for an hour at the longest. I didn’t like especially to study math and science… I had been suffered from them before I could enter my university somehow.

Does the Laziness come from my character or not ?  Its answer may be both of “Yes” and “No”. Not only my character, but also the ability which my brain has is one of the causes, I think. I regret that I didn’t study well when I’m elementary, junior-high, high and university students. Many teachers told us before. ” The time when people can study very hard is limited, and it is the time you’re spending now.” I understand now that it is true. But when I listened to their speech,  I didn’t take notice its importance at all. I played video games every day, but rarely studied hard…. As a result, At present a person who can’t still write English without the dictionary is here.

Man/Woman who have already grown up sometimes tells the young that they must studied hard to grow up well. But I think it is meaningless because many of them hardly realize the significance which old people say. Old people must think about themselves, of course I’m one of them; When we were in childhood, did we listen to the advice old people had said around us? To say the least,  I didn’t.

And then, I have time no longer to study something new. The time is always flowing incessantly and I remain regretting various things many times.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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