About my future…. What do I want to be?

When people make up their mind to begin something new to do, what is seemed to be the most important act? To think about it deeply? To do it rapidly? Or other something else?

I work presently as a teacher at a high school every day. But its term is limited; I will have lost this work by next April. I will face the fact that I had to make what to do next as soon as possible because I’m no longer young.  As I have already written once, After 3years I will be thirty years of age. Thirty years! I can’t realize its length now, the weight these decades hold on… If I think I’m still young enough to do something, but it may not be true. Time remains flowing incessantly like water, and we also remain growing older and older without a pause. We have the less amount of time than we expect.

Telling the truth, I want to work as a baker in the future.  At first I began to bake bread just as one of my hobbies, but it becomes an aim which I do to live every day.

I sometimes think that it is stupid to have such a dream, though I’m 27 years old. many people in my age blanket have already had a regular occupation. On the other hand, I’ve not been able to get it yet. I haven’t met my acquaintances  whom I made friends with when I was a high school student or took part in an university for a long time. Its reason is that I’m shamed not to have still such a regular occupation.  Most of my friends have already something to work regularly.

Nonetheless, I can’t throw the dream away to a trash can. After my graduation of the university, At work I have belonged to several occupations for years. But all of occupation wasn’t what I wanted to participate. They were just chances for me to earn money to live, so I began to work. But they were never the positions I wanted to obtain.

Trial to be a baker is the biggest and most extraordinary dream I have ever dreamed. To come the dream true, I must consider the matter as much as possible. I think I started to walk on the way just now to do that.

Thank you for your visit here today.

    • Yuki
    • September 16th, 2010


    I cheer you and your dream!
    I hope your dream comes true.

    • Hello Yuki,

      Thank you for your comment and your kind words!
      It is easy for me to come my aim true, but I will do my best to realize it!

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